Monday, August 29, 2011

"rest" days are anything but restful

I hate rest days. They are boring. Not that I desperately want to get out and sweat everyday, but there is a certain amount of smug pointage that comes with exercising, and on rest days, I have to get my smug elsewhere. Fortunately, the cow-woman in the Volvo who nearly hit me this morning is comfortably stupider than I am, so thanks for the smug, you ignorant slut.

So come on, dear readers of whom I have none: how do you get your smug on?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Oops I did it again

After the misery of the Portland Marathon, I swore left, right, upside-down and sideways (and backwards, since that was the only way I could walk) I would NEVER EVER RUN ANOTHER MARATHON. Apparently I didn't mean it. Come April 2012, I'm going to attempt to run the "challenging" Big Sur marathon. (I love that they call it "challenging," because, you know, other marathons are "easy," "carefree," and "a breeze.")

I suck at documenting stuff (note absence of info about Ragnar, which was awesome, and RSVP, which rocked), but I thought I'd try again. Since I don't officially start training until December, this is the long, dull ramp up to the beginning of the marathon schedule. Lucky you!

So here's an exciting photo to be getting on with: my shoes. And the icky wrap thing I wear around my leg in a somewhat superstitious attempt to ward off shin splints. These will likely NOT be the shoes I wear for the actual race, but they're close enough. Anyone want to follow the schedule with me? I'm doing Hal Higdon's Advanced 1 this go round, I think, so if you're interested in joining along (not on actual runs as I don't much like running with other runners, sorry, but you're welcome to join me here on the blog), you can find the training schedule here.