Tuesday, June 19, 2007

So Very . . . . Seattle

Having been unceremoniously tossed from my condo, I'm now enjoying a quintessentially Seattle experience. I'm in a coffee shop on Capitol Hill, latte by one side, plate decorated with scone crumbs on the other, typing away on my laptop while listening to an mp3 player. It's break week (sort of, since I'm still teaching one class), so I could be at home right now, luxuriating in patches of sunlight with my cats, but the construction on my building continues. Today they're sealing some cement (last chance to ditch those bodies, kids!) on the first floor of the building, and since I live on the first floor, I can either hole up for the day or get out. As I do have to go to work, I opted for out. So here I am. Out, but taking all my accessories with me.

I was just having a humorous exchange with BF Toasty on Messenger, and I discovered a serious flaw in the whole latte experience: if you snort-laugh while preparing to take a sip, the foam covering disguises any accidental snubbling. (To snubble: to snort, accidentally, a snot bubble out the nose due to uncontrolled laughter) This latte foam-cover is both a good thing (I'd rather not know) and a bad (what if?). I have been reassured that coffee is a sterilizing medium, and I'm opting to believe that, since it's a fairly recent cup of coffee for which I paid a Nicaraguan's annual wage.

Several very good friends offered me crash space at their homes for the time when I'm not able to be at home, and while I appreciate this hugely, I'm looking on my involuntary ouster as an opportunity to eat scones and drink overpriced, hopefully snubble-free lattes.

PS My fat cats are officially On Diets (from 1/2 cup of food daily to 1/3), and I'm suddenly afraid to fall asleep at night. I fear waking up to find bits chewed off in the night. If I don't show up for an appointment within an hour of the appointed time (oh come on; I'm never more than AN HOUR late), someone come find me. Bring kibble.



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Hopefully those little tubbies won't bite the hand that feeds them!

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P.S. I hope that getting booted from your place will give you lots of free time to write another CJ chapter! :)