Tuesday, September 11, 2007

"Cultural Traditions" We Can All Do Without

1. harpooning whales
2. infanticide of females
3. ritual circumcision of either gender
4. suttee
5. burkhas
6. hazing

Why do we have this idea that because something has been done for hundreds or thousands of years, that that automatically makes it acceptable? There are so many bad behaviors that hide under the title of "tradition," safe from scrutiny and utterly immune to change.

This is by no means a complete list, it's just what I can think of right now, a few minutes after an NPR report on five testosterone-poisoned sons of bitches who went out and tortured and killed a gray whale, calling it their "cultural tradition," as if that somehow made it worthy of our respect or at least our tolerance.

Fat chance, fuckers. There are lots of evil behaviors in every culture that must be wiped out. Cultural blindspots happen, but when they are finally nudged into our line of vision, it's time to look closely and see what it is we're thoughtlessly preserving. Is it worthy of our efforts to hold onto it? If not, it's time to let it go.

To contact the responsible tribe and make your anger known, here's the contact information.

Makah Tribal Council
PO Box 115
Neah Bay, Wa
(360) 645-2201


Ash said...

As I have always said - The Native Americans had better be careful of what they ask for when they say that they want to bring back anything from those times. Back then if more than 3 NA men left a reservation together it was considered a war party and they could be shot on sight. Do they want that too or do they just want to pick and choose the parts of history to bring back.

How is blowing 21 holes in a whale with a firearm from a power boat even close to traditional. Fuck them! Hopefully this will put an end to their whaling permanently. They had their chance but they fucked it up and now they should lose the permission that they were originally granted because they broke the law and violated the terms of their agreement.

Ash said...

P.S. Here is the zip+4 for that address: 98357-0115

Raggedy Angst said...

Amen, Ash! I keep wanting to say that a tradition in Euro-American culture is to wipe out indigenous cultures and take their land. Do we want to preserve that tradition too? So there. I guess I said it!