Thursday, February 28, 2008

but is it ironic, alanis?

The "president" is complaining that he doesn't have enough intelligence. As far as I know, this is the first time that idiot has ever told the entire truth about anything.

Observations from my job:

1. Would a man ever wear something called a "shootie"? Would he ever be asked to? It's a real thing -- a cross between a shoe and a boot. The cutsey ending is presumably intended to clue us in that it's for women. I think we should rename all guns "shooties." Would rednecks be so keen to collect them in vast, decorative stockpiles if they had to bring their buddies in to check out the new shooties?

2. Overheard at work: "I went to my parents' church on Sunday. The place was packed and everyone was shouting 'holy jesus' and 'praise the lord.' It was like a hallelujah palooza."

3. (Not at all related to my job, but one day I was bored enough at work to think of it.) The words I want engraved on my tombstone: "Fashionably late."

4. I was down near the photo shop when a man rushed by, absolutely laden with bras. He must have had 10 of them draped all over him, more gripped in his hands. I desperately wanted to tell him, "You're doing it wrong," but he looked unhappy enough.


NuclearToast said...

I lol'ed at "hallelujah palooza".

bladio said...

that's hilarious about the guy with the bras.

i wouldn't want to wear something called a shootie, but i can't speak for the men out there. what about calling it a boo?

Lynn Sinclair said...

Armed with bras is far better than being armed with shooties.

Ash said...

What was that crazy bra guy doing? Also LOL the "hallelujah palooza"!!!!!!