Sunday, June 05, 2011

training by racing?

I should probably explain that, for me, "racing" is basically "slightly faster training." I don't really race 'cause I'm not fast enough to place anywhere and I live in terror of pushing too hard too soon and not being able to finish. So, if you're at all impressed by the idea of multiple races in a month, by all means go ahead and be impressed! But like your momma once told me: you're easy.

So last weekend I did the Coeur d'Alene 1/2 marathon (you can't cross the finish line until you spell the town name correctly, but I'd done my homework), and today I'm heading out in....8 minutes to run the Mud & Chocolate 1/2. I'm hoping to go light on the former and heavy on the latter.

I have bagels. I've had coffee and done what my friend Rachel insists on referring to as "serious business." I'm already wearing my Garmin and I'm a little queasy. Yep. Must be race day.

This is a trail run at the Redmond Watershed Preserve, an area I've never been to. I'm not expecting a PR here, or even close to it, but staying under 2 is my main goal these days for halfs. I'll let you know. I'm also planning my first "Really Like Ragnar" set of runs for later this month. That's the bit where you run your first leg, wander around feeling nervous for a few hours, run your second leg, try to sleep a little, run your third leg in the middle of the night, all interspersed with peanut butter and fear.

Again, I'll let you know.

If you see me out trotting up hills in the wee hours of o-dark-thirty, please wave. If you must honk or otherwise make a loud noise, could you wait until you're where I can see you? I'm planning on being jumpy and carrying my pepper spray, and that could just be ugly for both of us. I'm also planning on taking video on the AngstCam. I think that could be very amusing. Or deathly dull.

Wish my luck this morning, as you know I'm wishing for you. Two minutes.


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