Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Peeing in the Park

Thanks, Guzer, for the photo. (

My toilet broke. I don't want to talk about why, except to say that I thought I was saving my garbage disposal from overload, and now my toilet is broken. Let's just say that Vlasic has a lot of explaining to do.

Two days of peeing in the public restrooms at a nearby park later, the plumbers have arrived, and I'm trying to ignore comments like, "Yeah, Miss, looks like we're going to have to snake ya."

It's going to cost me $285.05 to "stop freakin'." That's a good thing, 'cause I actually was. Freakin'. Minus the "g," with the apostrophe, full-on FREAKIN'. I do not like icky things, and toilets fall into that category with a resounding thump. (PS. So do the toilets at the park, but there you go.) All my pretentions of being a self-sufficient, independent, go-it-alone type gal melt and so do I. Several desperate phone calls to actual self-sufficient people later (and a few tears to mommy), I finally realize that there is one very independent, self-sufficient thing I can do: I can call a plumber.

Update: Just heard a very happy flushing sound, but it appears that the snake has his wee head caught. Hmmmm.

Update update: snake's free. Plumber isn't, but worth every penny. Thanks, boys, and not a butt crack in sight!



NuclearToast said...

Funny how unimportant your toilet seems, until you can't use it. Quite a pickle to be in! Glad to hear you got professionally snaked and are back to flushing with abandon.

Raggedy Angst said...

I now flush with abandon, glee, relief, giddiness, and all the rest of the dwarves. It's getting mighty crowded in there.

Ash said...

You did not really flush pickles down your toilet did you? One lesson I have learned: Only cut pipes M-F, 9-5 cause the emergency plumber is a lot more expensive than a normal plumber!

Jax said...

Love the blog!! Thanks for the comment on mine!! I agree with you on politics, Bush, and... well.. plumbers. ;) See ya in blog land!