Wednesday, July 18, 2007

For No Particular Reason

Was reading on Bladio Blogio a list of things which make her feel better on a slow-moving Monday. As I'm having a drag-your-feet Wednesday, I thought I might post up a picture that makes me laugh.

This is Beebs. Her name is actually Blackberry, but I doubt she's ever heard anyone call her that. She's always been Beebee or The Beebs. I call her my cheerleader cat -- cute, but a little ditsy and not the sharpest claw on the paw. If she had gone to high school, she would likely have been voted Most Likely to Be Startled by Sunrise. But she knows the value of a sunlit belly, and that's no small thing. (and neither is her belly, but she is on a diet)


NuclearToast said...

She may not be smart, and she may be skittish, but she knows what she likes.

Also: I lol'ed at the picture.

Ash said...

Ha ha haaaaaa - Funny & very cute! P.S. That's what Bri calls Chris. Yes, your cat shares a nickname with Chris. :)